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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the program?

Classes run 8-12 weeks, but residents can stay as long as they are making progress.

What’s the average stay?

Average stay is approximately 6 months.

Can we work while we are in the program?

Residents are required to participate in all program functions unless exceptions are approved through the director.



Can family members visit?

We encourage families to connect during your stay!



Are there opportunities for weekend passes?

Yes, but must be approved.




18 years of age or older

open to faith based instruction

committed to making a life change

Zero tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol

program does not allow for sex-offenders



LifeRight has changed my life. Where I was feeling no hope and unworthiness God has given me hope and worth through the ministry of LifeRight!

Denny Horton A thankful man!

If I’m feeling down, by the time service is over I’m feeling on top of the world! There is fellowship, love, reassurance and comfort from the family of LifeRight.

Faith Jaeger Peace in my heart!

When I first came to LifeRight when I was 16 , I was broken, lost and helpless. LifeRight & the people are genuinely loving and God changed my heart!

Cassandra Larkins Feelin' Free!